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If you are an exhibitor, please access the Online Exhibitor Manual where you will find information regarding the discounted prices for the hotels we are working with for and also for hotel reservations.

As a small country with almost ten percent of the world’s supply of oil, it is not surprising that Kuwait City has a large number of excellent, 5-star business hotels as well as an increasing number of budget category hotels.


These hotels include properties from most of the world’s leading brands including: Jumeirah, Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Crown Plaza, Le Meridien, Safir, Ramada, Holiday Inn, Ibis, etc.


We are aware that many exhibitors will have personal preferences and/or corporate relationships with many of these properties and as a consequence we have decided to only appoint a small number of recommended hotels for the exhibition.


The Kuwait International Fair (KIF) is located in Mishref which is located between the 5 ring roads, very close to the 6th ring road. The main city area (downtown) in which many of the top brand hotels are located is approximately a 30 minute drive from KIF.

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