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Standard Shell Scheme

If you ordered a standard shell scheme booth package direct from TNT Productions, your stand will be equipped with the following furniture per 12 sqm’s of space ordered:

  • Stand units with hardwall panels framed in aluminum, optional office

  • Full carpeting throughout stand and office

  • One table with two chairs

  • one info counter

  • Three adjustable spotlights

  • 220V, 50 Hz. electrical outlet

  • one waste paper basket

  • one clothes hanger

  • a company identification sign with company logo.

Furniture & Additional Services

If you require additional furniture items (e.g.: refrigerator, showcases, shelves etc.) and have not made prior arrangements, please order them using the furniture drawings and the “Furniture & Additional Services Order Form” found in the Exhibitor Manual.

Raw Exhibition Space

If you have your own modular stand or you appoint a different stand builder, we will be happy to find the right location for you. Nevertheless, please note that raw exhibition space does not include any services for power. These services must be ordered on the electrical order form for Raw Space Exhibitors found in the Exhibitor Manual before the deadline date.

Customized Stand

Do you want to be unique? No problem!

Our designers can turn your idea into reality.

Special Advertising Services for the Exhibitors

At your request, our team can offer special advertising services, as well as a complete exhibition promotional plan, which include: outdoor advertising, indoor advertising, exclusive advertising, dedicated events, photo service and many more.

If you want to attract attention in a unique way, just let us know!


During the stand construction/arrangement period as well as during the event running, TNT Productions Assistance Team will meet the exhibitors’ specific requirements.

The on-line exhibitor manual will be active soon.

To order all of your exhibition services you will need to receive a USERNAME and PASSWORD.

To receive these codes, please contact us at:


Phone: +40 21 327 6651

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